Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love Story

After placing an order for a bouquet, I was waiting outside the shop reading a magazine featuring an interview with a celebrity, who was popular for his much-publicized love affair that ended just a while ago than his acting. When asked about his love, he had to say this ~"My love is true! Right now we may stand apart, but every mind has a theater and you can never prevent flashbacks from occurring in them". My mind has already started to travel back with a supersonic speed giving space shuttle 'Atlantis' a complex....................
Its Deepika's mobile which is ringing loudly waking all the ppl in the floor including me... She picked the call and the person on the other end ~ "Good Day Mam! I am Priyanka calling from Pizza Hut, we are pleased to inform you that you have won a ticket for sivaji this weekend, through our lucky draw contest. Ticket has already been couried to your address, you would be receiving them soon.. "
Deepika outcried, "Oh.. MY GOD! I can't believe it, I gonna watch the movie the day it is getting released.. anyhow thanks a lot.. ". She hung the phone..
I was making a call, admiring the way she was blazoning out to her friends near by. Person at the other-end picked up and I said "Thanks Priyanka!"
Next day at the personal courier collection/dispatch desk in my office:
"How many days do you generally take to deliver a courier? "
"Depends on the location sir! For International we would generally take a week, for any-places within the country would take a max of two days. Utmost a day for local couriers..", explained the courier person
"That's cool! so how much time do you think it would take to dispatch the courier from your desk to the cubicle out there? ". I asked him pointing out Deepika's cubicle.
"A minute.. ", he replied with a boasting smile..
"Then just do it right away.. ", I handed over the cover, which has the tickets for the show. Of course it befuddled the courier guy.. I moved my feet without wasting any-more moment..
Come Saturday Morning...
Maybe the first day in my life I was washing my face before my Dad baths me in my bed..
I entered into the theater after making sure Deepika's scooty marked its presence into multiplex. She located her seat and was about to take them she noticed me sitting beside her..
"Hey, what a surprise! What are you doing here?", she posted a stupid question...
"Hmmm.. Dancing.. ". I know that was bad reply, but She giggled for almost a minute.
She started boasting.. "You know I won this ticket through lucky draw.. ".
"Really!!" I exclaimed, "Only I knew how many hours I stood in a queue to get your tickets.. " I told to myself..
Flim intermission and some slow moving scenes were the only time I enjoyed during the movie.. That night, I threw a party and shared my happiness with my friends, as always they urged me to propose her soon..
"Your bouquet is ready!", shopkeeper's voice paused my flashback..
While collecting the bouquet, a scooty crossing me caught my attention. I did take effort to stop it, but for sure she won't be able to hear my shout in the midst of the heavy traffic. I placed the bouquet in my bag and started my bike but by that time she has gone out of sight. What's real use with a high CC bikes when I wasn't able to catch a scooty?..
Adrenaline was rushing and I had butterflies in my stomach.. It was sweating already. My hands was trembling. Even at signals I used to rise the accelerator to reduce my tension, but in otiose. At a signal, I finally found the scooty at the other side of the road, I tried to reach her, only to get scolding from people behind me. She flew again.. After all the efforts I overtook her bike and stopped her! It took me seconds to bring my heart down from throat..
I parked my bike in the side lane, walked towards her, took a deep breath and said .. "Can you please tie your shawl behind you, it was sweeping the road and it may get stuck in your wheels"..
She faked a plastic smile tied them out and said "Thanks!". Not less than a moment she flew away..
I took my bouquet and walked towards the cemetery.. I placed the bouquet on the grave which had Deepika's name engraved on it, "If someone could have warned Deepika like that, she would not be sleeping here". Rain took care of wiping my tears away...

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